Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cupcake Central!

Hey cupcake! ;0]

This month has just flown by and I totally got caught up in the business of the holiday season! I hope it was an amazing holiday season for all of you!! I recently posted up, as promised, some holiday treats videos on my YouTube channel. I wish with all my heart I could have gotten this blog post up sooner but there seemed to be a million things going on in any given day this month. Any who, for future references here are the directions to go along with part 1 of my holiday treats video. The video is also linked below.


For all of the treats below you will need to start with some already baked cupcakes. I used "yellow cake" mix but you can use whatever you like!

Snowmen Cupcakes

1. Frost cupcakes with vanilla frosting
2. Cut down to size some twizzlers in various colors and stick a tooth pic in the middle once you have your desired length
3. Stick the other end of the tooth pic into the top of the cupcake and bend the Twizzler into the shape of earmuffs, the frosting is going to act as a glue to stick everything in place
4. Add gumdrops the same color as the Twizzler to complete the earmuffs
5. For the eyes I used chocolate chips, an orange gumdrop for the nose, and black gel icing for the mouth
6. To finish it off you can add coconut shavings over the frosted areas to make him look more snowy (in the picture above the purple snowman doesn't have coconut and the green one does. This is optional but if you want to add it I would suggest to do it after you are done decorating so the candies can stick better to the icing.

A Christmas Story - Leg Lamp Cupcake
This one I actually found on the internet and just had to share it with you guys, I thought this was so creative. Here is the original website where I found this idea, you can printout the leg lamp and "fragile box" wrapper from there:

Santa Clause Cupcake
1. Mix some pink food coloring into some white frosting (start with 1 drop at a time, I used way too much. You want Santa's face to be a light rosy color, not pink like mine haha) and frost your cupcakes
2. Use red 'fruit slices' candy for Santa's hat, a strip of fruit roll up rolled and shaped into a smile for his mouth, and chocolate chips for his eyes
3. Use white frosting and a star tip for the brim of his hat, his beard and mustache (I like the betty crocker decorating icings that come with the tips, super simple to use)

Christmas Tree Cupcake
1. Again I used the Betty Crocker decorating icings in green. Ice the entire cupcake and then go back toward the outer edge and start building your way up to get a tree shape
2. Decorate! I used non parelis and dots of red gel icing. I also used a sliver of a yellow twizzler as my star on top.

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Cupcake
1. Frost your cupcakes with chocolate frosting
2. Cut a large chocolate chip in half (I like to use the Wilton's melting chips because those are a nice big size) and stick them into the sides for ears.
3. Cut a pretzle in half and use that for antlers
4. For the eyes I added a squirt of vanilla frosting with a chocolate chip in the middle, and a red jelly bean for the nose.

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