Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY Holiday ShadowBox

Hey dolls!

I am a self professed holiday freak! I love the holiday season and I especially love to decorate!!! DIY projects make your holiday decor extra special by adding a warm, homemade, personal touch. I hope you guys will enjoy my DIY Holiday ShadowBox video.

I purchased all of the supplies at Michael's. Go up and down the aisles and you're sure to find a bunch of random treasures that are perfect for a project like this one. The small wood holiday pieces were $1, as were the foam ornaments. The glittery letters were on .49 cents. Explore the store and pick out your favorite pieces to add to your shadowbox. You can also use photos and personal items you have around your house such as pieces of fabric that mean something special to you (maybe cut a piece of your mom or grandma's apron that she always use to wear for the holidays when you were growing up).

Have fun and be creative!
Love you all! Happy Holidays!

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