Sunday, January 27, 2013

Food Diary Week 3 - Success WooHoo

Hey loves!!!

While it's still a process to change my eating habits toward a healthier lifestyle I can say that I think I did a good job this last week. Definitely an improvement. You be the judged. =0]

Also, as promised, I'm including what workout I did each day at home and/or at the gym. Hope this helps!

Monday was a holiday so I was off schedule and didn't keep up with what I was eating.

Tuesday January 22

130pm Chicken Caesar Salad with 4 Brown Rice California Rolls

Treadmill 2 miles
Elliptical 1 mile (that thing is hard!)

2 sets: 30 crunches, 30 reverse crunches, 30 leg up & reach crunches (?), 30 second plank, 20 Russian twists, 30 twist and punch holding 5lb weight

7pm Lemon Dill Salmon with Spinach and Snap Peas

Wednesday January 23

830am 2 scrambled eggs and low fat milk

1230pm Chicken Cesar Salad (the sushi rolls I didn't eat because I tried one and it was ALREADY BAD -I purchased it on Tuesday!!!! It tasted YUCK! I so should have taken it back to the supermarket  but I just threw it out)

330pm banana before the gym

Elliptical 1 mile in 10 minutes
Ab Work
Treadmill 2 miles in 34 minutes
Bike on level 4 - 3 miles in 15 minutes

740pm Baked Salmon and onion with spinach and snap peas.. I only ate half because I was full

Thursday January 24

940am 1 piece whole wheat toast and 1 scrambled egg with low fat milk

1250pm Chicken Cesar Salad

340pm Banana before the gym

Ab Work
Elliptical 1 mile in 10 1/2 minutes
Ab work
Treadmill 2 1/4 miles in 30 minutes
Leg Press 50 lbs - 4 sets of 15
Leg extension: 40 lbs 10 reps, 25 lbs 10 reps, 10 lbs 2 sets of 10 reps
Leg Curls 40 lbs 4 sets of 10 reps

730 pm the leftovers from yesterdays dinner

Friday January 25

1050am Honey Nut Cheerios and Low Fat Milk

6pm Pork Chop and brown rice but I didn't finish, I was full

This is what I left from my dinner - my mom was glad to finish it for me lol

AT HOME WORKOUT (it was snowing I didn't go to the gym)
2 sets of all the following:

Abs: 30 crunches, 30 reverse crunches, 30 leg up and reach toes crunches thingy, 30 second plank, 30 russian twist
Legs: 15 kick backs on each leg, 10 calf raises, 50 jumping jacks
Arms using two 5lb weights: 20 bicep curls, 10 tricep curl? (bent back behind my head and extend up), 10 elbows bent and arms extended straight up above my head (idk the term), 10 forward arm raises, 10 sideways arm raises

Saturday January 26


330pm snack before gym

GYM: (it was so crowded I couldn't even get on a treadmill)
Leg extension 40 lbs 2 sets of 10 reps, 25 lbs 2 sets of 10 reps
Ab Work
Elliptical 1 mile in 9 minutes 25 seconds
Ab Work
Bike Level 5 for 3 miles in 13 min 45 seconds

730pm Tikka Masala and Lemon Marinated Pork Chops with brown rice and broccoli and cauliflower

Sunday January 27 

12 pm

5pm MY FIRST TIME AT CHIPOTLE!!!! I shared this with Junior so I had about half, maybe a little less than half of it. It was sooooo good but I was still hungry haha

730pm - I didn't really like this I just ate the 4-5 chicken pieces (smh) and threw out the rest

That was my week!!! Looking back: I think I made healthier choices this week but I think at times I wasn't eating enough. Especially since I started going to the gym this week, it is very important for me to properly fuel my body. I'm going to try to keep to an eating schedule in the future. I did better this last week but there were still days where my eating times got a little cooky and that messed up my breakfast - lunch - snack - dinner flow. 

Again I was so hungry during the night since I do stay up late. I'm going to stock up on more fruits so that if I'm very hungry around 9pm or even 10pm I can grab an apple or some strawberries, etc. I know you're "not supposed" to eat after 7pm but I do not want to be toooo strict and set myself up for failure. I want to ease into a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE, not just an immediate diet to lose weight. I think that having more fruits handy as late night snacks will help me calm my hunger at night and won't be too damaging to my hard work during the day. Hey, it's always better than a big piece of chocolate cake. 

Let me know if this helped anyone. How are you girls doing with your personal goals? As always, wishing u the best of luck and sending lots of love!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Food Diary Week 2

Hey babes!!!!

I have another installment of my food diary. Here's every thing I ate from Monday Jan 14th through Sunday Jan 20th, 2013.

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!! Some of you may know, I made top 10 - as chosen by the judges - for the online auditions for Nuestra Belleza Latina 2013. PUBLIC VOTING WILL OPEN SOON, and I NEED YOUR HELP!! I need you guys to vote for me because only the top 2 as decided by YOU will go to Miami to be on the show. ANYWHO, I will keep you updated on that as soon as voting begins. For now I have begun to amp up my workout and diet A LOT in preparation for (Hopefully) Miami! So next week I will be including detailed daily workouts along with my food pictures.

ALSO I finalllly weighed myself this week. On Friday I hopped on my Wii balance board and weighed myself on the Wii Fit game lolol. It said.... 139lbs!!!! Yikes! I wasn't expecting that number!! I want to be back at about 125 and overall I want to be healthy. We have some way to go!

Just like last week, I'll be telling you guys what I think I can improve on based on last week after the pictures.

Monday Jan 14
1030am fresh banana, apples, OJ, and naked juice berry flavor

1pm this thing was yummmyyy

6pm zucchini, there were more but I forgot to take the pic before I started eating

9pm Honey Nut Cheerios with low fat milk

Tuesday Jan 15
1130am 2whole wheat toast with low fat cream cheese, 2 scrambled eggs

2pm also very yummy!

430pm brie cheese on italian bread toasted (ughh so fattening I know)

630pm I had steak with saute spinah (forgot to take a pic, I barely even ate half of it... it wasn't all that good)


Wednesday Jan 16

12 noon waffle with low fat cream cheese and orange marmalade and some chocolate milk

5pm baked clams

9pm apple slices with peanut butter and a fresh juice (same fruits as last time)

Thursday Jan 17

1230 one waffle same as yesterday

7pm sautee spinach

7pm zucchini that my mom scoops out, mixes with bread crumbs and an egg and re stuffs onto the skin and then bakes... she kind of burned them this time o.O

10pm 2 whole wheat bread with brie cheese and chocolate milk (my mom bought a whole wheel of brie cheese because she knows I like it and I had to finish it all or she would be mad)

Friday Jan 18

10 am cookies and milk, I dropped the cookies in the milk until they disolved and drank about 1/3 of the cookie filled milk before I started to feel bad for cheating on my healthy eating and I stopped =0]

245 pm angel hair pasta with grated mozarella cheese

11pm brie on whole wheat

Saturday Jan 19

11am 4 mini waffles (same toppings as always)

330pm spring rolls

830 pm scrambled eggs and chocolate milk

Saturday Jan 20

530am cheddar cheese burger (after clubbing we went to a diner to eat)

1pm chocolate milk and my daily vitamins

6pm mojito

6pm mango glazed salmon and white rice (dinner at havana central)

6pm 1 slice of yummy toasted bread and drink number 2, some weird mojito mix but I don't remember the flavor

11pm coconut mojito at dyckman bar

OKAYYYYYY soooo, looking back.... I definitely think I dropped the ball this week. I didn't go to the supermarket so I didn't have much protein in my diet this week. I ate all over the place. I would either eat ridiculously small and healthy portions like just some zucchini for dinner which is not good, or a sandwich with super fattening brie cheese very late at night which is also not good. My sleeping schedule was all out of wack so that messed me up a bunch also. I wouldn't wake up until noon and then I would be up all night and get tempted to eat. Also, I know those cocktails must have been super fattening.

For this week I am going to try to eat more on a schedule and well rounded meals. So far I did good today. I also got a good workout in today, but you have to wait until next week to see all that.

Hope you guys still enjoy these food diaries and that they help you out in some way. xoxo!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bright Vivid BAM Lips!

Hey dolls!

Sooooooo I am completely in love and obsesseddddd!!! I've recently been hitting up the drugstores and the new Maybelline Vivid collection totally won my love and attention. Below I'm including a video where I review the lipsticks, show you swatches, show you the color on lips, and even show you some MAC dupes!

I'm also including pictures of the lipsticks as well as pictures of the rest of my drugstore haul for those who are curious. Finally, I am totally going to get the whole collection because that's just how much I love these lipsticks. If you guys are interested in seeing future pictures and swatches then be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @BarbieBabyMUA I will be posting the pictures there.


Below are the 4 MAC dupes that I found along with their corresponding vivid lipstick =0]

Want to know what other new drugstore makeup I picked up? Pics below xo

I actually have to go exchange the Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation because the color is way to light on me. I'll be picking up a darker color because I do like how the foundation wore on my face it was just way light.

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