Monday, January 14, 2013

Food Diary - Get Fit With Me in 2013 series!!

Hey babes!!

As promised on my YouTube channel, I'm focusing a series of videos on getting in shape and staying healthy! To accompany that I decided to start keeping a daily food diary and, of course, sharing it with you all. I have pictures ans a description of everything I ate last week from Tuesday to Sunday.

I hope you guys like this sneak peak into what I'm eating. It's a great way to look back at the end of the week and see where you can make changes. I'll include what personal changes or tweaks I want to make in my diet after the pics. I also had my period last week -blahhh- so, I'm sure you ladies know how hard it can be to keep to a healthy lifestyle during that week of the month. There were moments when all I wanted was some darn chocolate and forget about being fit! I tried to control myself as much as possible but there is always room to improve.

Let me know if you like this idea. Also, feel free to join me in weekly food diaries. If you don't want to or don't have the time to write down everything you eat you can always just snap a quick picture, like I did. I saved this pics in a "food diary" album on my phone so I can easily look back at the end of the week and see all my meals in pictures. This actually helps to see if your portions are too small/big/just right.

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Without further ado, here is my first food diary:


Skipped Breakfast

12 noon - Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad (I bought the container in my local supermarket, it came with all the chicken, cheese and croutons to add in) I also added in one tomato
Fresh juice made with magic bullet - about 5 strawberry, 1 banana and some orange juice

330pm snack - Toasted whole wheat bagel thin with reduced fat cream cheese

6pm Dinner - Baked Salmon and asparagus with sauteed spinach and mushrooms

Throughout the day I had 2 of these bottles of water

9pm snack - honey nut cheerios with low fat 1% milk


9am breakfast - thin bagel with cream cheese (like yesterday)
fresh juice same as yesterday but I also added some "Naked Juice" in berry flavor

3pm lunch - Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad added a tomato

7pm dinner - Steak, sautee spinach and mushrooms, baked asparagus and some mashed potatoes

11pm snack - honey nut cheerios with low fat milk


930am breakfast - Fresh juice (strawberry, banana, orange juice and naked juice berry flavor)

130 lunch 

6pm dinner - leftovers (same as yesterday minus the asparagus that was all gone)


10am breakfast - banana and baby food (yes I like some baby food lol don't judge me, there the perfect already made snack for when I'm a little hungry but too lazy to make/prepare anything)

1130am Brunch? - 2 scrambles eggs, 2 whole wheat toast with low fat cream cheese, chocolate milk

3pm snack - fresh juice (1 banana, 1 bag of apple slices, orange juice, naked juice berry flavor)

7pm dinner - pork chops in a spicy guacamole marinate, brown rice, baked asparagus zucchini and onions


1:30pm breakfast - 2 whole wheat toast with low fat cream cheese and fresh juice (2 banana, 2 bags of apple slices, some oj and some naked juice berry flavor)

4pm lunch - I only ate about half of this.. the fish tasted very mushy and not well done it wasn't really all that good

4pm lunch cont. - the lean cuisine was a fail so I went to my trusty no prep time snack, baby food lol

11pm Went out to Altus for drinks and appetizers. Aove is the "Altusini" drink and below some calamari

SUNDAY JAN 13, 2012

1030 am breakfast - I wanted some chocolate sooo bad! So chocolate milk!

1pm - another fail, ate about half of this, it was kind of yucky
Fresh juice - same as yesterday

Later on I had some Wendy's (Jr cheeseburger and small fries), a little bit of cotton candy at Disney on Ice show but I'm not a big fan so I really just had a tiny bit, and brie cheese (so fattening) on tasted italian bread at like 8pm .. terrible, Sunday was totally my cheat day I did the worse this day.

Overall I see a lot of places I can improve. This week I want to really try harder to drink MORE WATER. At least 1 bottle of water a day is my goal. I also have to stop skipping breakfast and try to either have dinner earlier or cut out my after dinner snacks. I'm going to try to not eat at all after 8pm this week. It's hard to keep a schedule with my food because I have days that I don't wake up until 11am and I don't get to bed until 4am and I get hungry. It's especially hard if I have to work one night or if I go out to party because then I really work up an appetite but I'm going to try and keep healthier snacks for times like that. Also for this week I want to stay more disciplined and cut down my cheats to just one day of the week. Eventually I want to cut down my cheats to just ONE MEAL a week, but we'll work our way there.

Let me know if you guys want me to include what I do for exercise along with my weekly food diary in the future. Have a very happy monday and a great week everyone!!!
Love you! xoxox


  1. Hey chica new follower here from NYC :) just want to let you know that I appreciate you sharing your weight lost journey. I also wake up late and its really hard to make breakfast at that time of the day. What your eating looks good enough for me. I'm Puerto Rican and I grew up in a household where dinner was most likely rice, beans and meat. Fry food continuously on those days that mami felt lazy so yeah. Just try and drink more water. Anyways enough about me. Nevertheless you look awesome. Hopefully we can meet this year at IMATS 2013 :)

    Xo- Empire State Beauty Queen

  2. Woow i like it your Diet but i want to knew ,, How many wights you are loss it per week or month ???


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