Thursday, January 3, 2013

Get Fit With Me in 2013!

Happy New Yearrrrrrr!!!

Okay guys, holidays are over and so are the excuses. Spring is quickly approaching (I hope!) and it's time to get back in shape. I decided to start a health and fitness mini-series on my channel so that we can help motivate each other and get fit together!!

To kick off the mini-series I, of course, had to pull fashion into it. I personally feel much more confident to go to the gym and work out if I think I look cute while I do it. Even better than just looking cute is looking cute while wearing the appropriate and functional work out gear.

I teamed up with PV Body and was able to try out my first month from them for free. I was beyond satisfied and I do plan on purchasing next month. Check out the video for all the details and info. PV Body is offering a 20% OFF Discount for anyone who joins through my link! I hope you all take advantage of this and join me on this 'get fit' journey!

Also, once you click the link you can share it on your FaceBook wall - That allows all your friends and family to get 20% OFF also! So go ahead, share the discount, then call up your BFF and convince him/her to join you on getting healthy and in shape this year!

I want to keep up with all your progress and I will be updating you guys with my progress also. Tag me in your pictures on Instagram and Twitter @BarbieBabyMUA and use the hash tag #missbarbiebaby so I'm sure to not miss a picture.

Love you all! Together, we can do this. A toast to the new year and to a very sexy summer ahead in adorable little bikinis! Cheers!

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