Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just a Little Review, Especially for You!

Hey dolls!

Gooood Morningggggg, and happy Sunday!!!!

Hope you're all having an amazing day <3 I know I am. I was able to sleep late. When Noel and I finally woke up there was LOTS of excitement. Today is 3 King's Day. Just a quick little background for those curious, it is a holiday mostly celebrated by Catholics and it's very big in the Hispanic community. It marks the day that the 3 Kings arrived with gifts to greet baby Jesus. This morning when Noel woke up he found 3 gifts that the 3 Kings left for him. One was the movie Brave! Needless to say we watched it right away.

Any who, transitioning into the afternoon, I'm sitting in my makeup room surrounded by nice smelling candles while Noel sits on the floor next to me looking through picture books. AND I'm uploading a video and writing a blog post for YOU. Perfect morning.

Sometimes the simplest mornings can be perfectly happy and peaceful! Soooo on to the point of this particular blog post: A Review!!! I recently tried out a new foundation from a brand I was unfamiliar with. I was really happy with the product so I had to share it with you all. I'm including some pictures below. Check out my video for a Demo and a complete review of the company. Check out their website to learn even more about the brand:

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