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MAC Lipstick Collection Swatches + On Lips

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Here is my complete MAC lip - something collection (lip pencils, lip glosses, and lipsticks) up to this point. Below are pictures of the lip item as well as swatches. If you want to see them on lips check out my video to see what all the colors look like one me.

Hope this post is helpful!!


Lip Pencils 

Top - Bottom: In Synch, Lasting Sensation, Entertain Me, Redd, Magenta

Lip Glosses
Left - Right: Kissable Lipcolour "So Vain", Lipglass "Knockout", Dazzleglass "Roman Holiday"
Lipglass "Eclectic Edge", Lipglass "Girl on Board"Surf! Baby collection
Top to Bottom: Lipglass "Girl on Board"Surf! Baby collection, Lipglass "Eclectic Edge",

Dazzleglass "Roman Holiday", Lipglass "Knockout", Kissable Lipcolour "So Vain"


*Note - some swatches say lipstick not shown, those are lipstick I depotted, the final picture below is of all the ones I depotted in the container*

All lipsticks are part of the permanent collection unless otherwise noted

Left most lipstick - Reel Sexy - Amplified, Limited Reel Sexy Collection 2012
Swatch not shown (sorry I forgot it!) You can see it swatched and on lips in the video
Left - Right: 
Ravishing - Cremesheen 
Peachstock - Satin
Viva Glam Gaga 2 - Amplified, Limited
Sheer Mandarin - Sheen Supreme
Creme d'nude (lipstick not shown) - Cremesheen

Left - Right:
Bombshell - Frost
Girl Next Door - Lustre, Limited Archie's Girl Collection Betty Lipstick 2013
Betty Bright - Satin, Limited Archie's Girl Collection Betty Lipstick 2013
Pink Popcorn - Lustre, Limited Reel Sexy Collection 2012
Chatterbox - Amplified
Saint Germain - Amplified
Naughty Saute - Cremesheen, Limited Shop/Cook MAC Collection 2012

Lipsticks to swatches below are shown in the depotted pics at the end of this post
Top to Bottom:
Impassioned - Amplified
Hibiscus - Creemsheen, Limited "Surf, Baby!" Collection 2011
Vegas Volt - Amplified
Costa Chic - Frost
Speed Dial - Cremesheen

Left - Right:
Speak Louder - (lipstick not shown) - Cremesheen
Viva Glam Gaga - Lustre, Limited
Pink Nouveau - Satin
Watch Me Shimmer - Amplified, Limited Shop/Cook MAC Collection 2012
Viva Glam Nicki 1 - Satin, Limited
FullSpeed - Sheen Supreme

Left - Right:
Quick Sizzle - Matte, Limited Shop/Cook MAC Collection 2012
Full Fuchsia - Amplified
Party Parrot - Matte, Limited "Iris Apfel" collection
Pink Pigeon - Matte, Limited "Iris Apfel" collection
Fusion Pink - Amplified
Candy Yum Yum - Matte

Left - Right:
Neon Orange - Amplified
Morange (lipstick not shown) - Amplified
Lady Danger - Matte
Russian Red (lipstick not shown) - Matte
Show Orchid (lipstick not shown) - Amplified

Left - Right:
Asian Flower - Sheen Supreme
Bust Out (lipstick not shown) - Lustre, Limited "Surf, Baby!" Collection
Daddy's Little Girl - Satin, Limited Archie's Girl Collection Veronica Lipstick 2013
Violetta - Amplified
Heroine - Matte

Left - Right:
Black Knight - Cremesheen, Limited Black Friday Lipstick 2011
Grey Friday - Frost, Limited Black Friday Lipstick 2012

My Depotted MAC Lipsticks 
(Swatches are mixed in with all the swatches above)
Top: Left - Right:
Show Orchid - Amplified
Vegas Volt - Amplified
Speed Dial - Cremesheen

Bottom: Left - Right:
Russian Red - Matte
Hibiscus - Creemsheen, Limited "Surf, Baby!" Collection 2011
 Costa Chic - Frost

Top: Left - Right:
Bust Out - Lustre, Limited "Surf, Baby!" Collection
Impassioned - Amplified
Saint Germain - Amplified

Bottom: Left - Right:
Morange - Amplified
Speak Louder - Cremesheen
Creme d'nude - Cremesheen

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