Saturday, September 21, 2013

City Date + Lush Overload

Helllloooo beautiful!

The weekend is hereeeeeeeeee! Woohooooo! Yesterday I had an early start to my day since Noel had an am dentist appointment. (He got his first teeth cleaning!!! AND he didn't throw up on the dentist this time, I was so proud)

I decided to take advantage of having an early start and head into the city to spend a nice calm shopping day with my little guy. Our first and main stop was Lush on 34th street. Boy did I go crazy! I try not too go to Lush too often, once every few months, but when I do go I like to stock up for the months ahead. I especially love love love their bath bombs, bubble bars and fresh face masks. Those products are what made me a Lushie to begin with but now I'm actually starting to branch out and try some of their other products as well.

Below is my blog haul of what I picked up as well as my OOTD. Enjoy my loves!

 Thank you to my 4 year old for the great OOTD pic he took of me! He may become my new photographer lol.
Outfit details: boots - steve madden, colored skinny jeans - gap, top - old navy, sweater - NY&Co

My big bag of gooodddiiess!!

 Of course I had to pick up my favorite everrrrrr face mask - "oatifix" from the fresh face mask line at Lush. This time around I also picked up "the sacred truth" to give it a try. I used it last night and it left my face feeling very fresh but it didn't give me a deep down cleaning. I also got "ocean salt" which is a face and body scrub (exfoliant) that came highly recommended by a good friend of mine. I can't get over the delicious smell and it's infused with real vodka - hello happy hour!
In the plastic tube is the "dark angels" cleanser. It's targeted for oily skin which I do not have but sometimes I get carried away in Lush. It was cool and pretty and I wanted black stuff on my face so I asked for about $7 worth of product and they measure the amount for you. At least I didn't buy a full size of a product that isn't really for my skin type. =0]

I picked up another pack of "fun" for Noel. He has the green one but wanted a different color. Basically this works as clay in the sense that you can mold and make whatever you want. Then you crumble it into the bathtub under running water and get tons and tons of bubbles. Noel adores this stuff!! And it makes him excited to take a bath - a mommy's dream come true!

Below are two newbies that I'm trying out. The green one is called "sugar scrub" and the name explains exactly what it is. Dry winter skin - I'm ready for you!!! The white heart like shape is called "shimmy shimmy" and it acts as a solid lotion almost (You rub it on your body) but it leaves behind the most gorgeous shimmer!!! Perfect to use before a night out, I'm so excited to try that out!!! Now I just need some plans.

Below we have my weakness: Bath Bombs. In my defense two of these are for Noel! Three are a repurchased of bombs I've tried before and one is a new one for me! Clockwise starting from the blue robot: "ickle baby bot" (for Noel), "Twilight" (loveee the colors and the scent is so soothing and calming for night time baths), "sex bomb" (probably one of the most popular and best sellers, love it), "pink" (my new purchase), "space girl" (for Noel, and I told him it's called space boy if not he wouldn't have wanted it, but I know he will love this one), and finally "Pheonix rising" (again I adore the smell and colors of this one as well!)

 Finally the bubble bars!!!!!! These little guys seriously make the bath sooo much fun, even for an adult. I especially love how this fills up the tub with so many bubbles. I'm totally guilty of making bubble beards in the tub! The best part is the these last you a few uses. You can just break off a piece and save rest and you still get bubble overload. Below I have (left - right) "french kiss" (a fav of mine), "sunnyside" (my absolute favorite bubble bar, it literally feels like you're taking a bath in liquid gold and it's super glittery also), and "dorothy" (my first time trying this one)

Let me know if you guys have ever been to Lush before and what's your favorite product? Or what would you love to try? Below I'm leaving you guys with the video of my fall makeup tutorial that I posted earlier this week. I've been obsessed with this makeup look lately. I hope you like it too!

Love you guys, have a great weekend!!!!

xoxo Rocio Laura

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Affordable & Fabulous: New Makeup Alert!

Happy HumpDay Beauties!!

Half way through another week already?! Having Noel in Pre-K is making the days feel like they are flying by - and I don't like it!! Why do our little ones have to grow up so quickly?!?!

On a happy note: I'm selfishly keeping him home for the rest of the week. Heehee, before you call me a bad mommy, he is the only student in class this week!!! The other kids (I believe there are 2 or 3 enrolled at the moment) all happen to be sick and will start school on Monday. So he'll be back on Monday to meet his new friends, and I get a few more days to cuddle and otherwise be an obsessive mom. YAY!!

Today I want to share with you guys some new products by Jordana. I absolutely LOVE this brand because their prices are outrageously cheap, even for drugstore, and the quality and pigmentation is fantastic!!!

All of the following products can be found at Walgreens. Here is an overview of all the goodies I'm sharing with you guys today:

The FabuLiner Bold is a felt tip liquid eyeliner. It is available in the color black. I love that the product does not feather and is super long lasting. Keep in mind that the tip is on the larger side so it's great for bold dramatic looks but not the best option for delicate thinner lines. Retail Price: $2.99

The Best Volume Extreme Volumizing Mascara is also only available in the color black. MY favorite part of this mascara is that the formula does not clump on me!!! Spider eyes are just not cute! The brush is HUGE so at first it feels a little weird applying such a large object so close to your eyeball but application is easy and it definitely does what it says when it comes to volume. Big brush = Big lashes? I guess so. Love it! Retail Price: $3.99

The 12HR Make to Last Eyeshadow Pencil is available in 8 shades. Below are the shades 07 Prolong Purple, 01 Eternal White, and 04 Continuous Almond. Below are also swatches. I adoreeee the nude/almond color. A much cheaper dupe for MAC's paint pot in painterly which is a staple of mine. These are great as shadows or as a shadow base. They can even be used on the face for Halloween makeup (yes, Halloween! October IS right around the corner!) Speaking of Halloween, I'm filming my first Halloween tutorial tomorrow. It should be live next week, Wednesday AND I will be using some of these products in that look so stay tuned for that! 

Any who, these shadow pencils are crease-proof which is fantastic, and water resistant. They glide on easily and super smooth. Retail Price: $3.99


The 12HR Made To Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil is available in 6 shades. Below are the shades 05 Aqua Stone, 06 Jade Jewel, and 01 Black Point. You read right - Liquid Pencil. These glide on as smooth as a liquid but are in an easy to use pencil form. They remind me almost of a gel pot but in a much easier to apply pencil packaging. The colors are super pigmented and they are water and transfer resistant, plus paraben-free. (Actually all of the items I'm showing you today except the bold eyeliner are paraben-free!) Retail Price: $2.49

The Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain comes in 8 shades and is probably my favorite new product that I'm showing you today! The pencil is retractable so you don't have to drive yourself crazy looking for a sharpener which is always nice. They light-weight stain is actually packed full of color and lasts the whole day through- perfect for school/work when you want color without worrying about reapplying. The color also applies with a gloss like finish and - what completely stole my heart - they are soooo moisturizing. My lips get sooo dry in the fall and winter so it's great when I find a product that provides color plus is moisturizing. So many of my favorite lipsticks tend to dry my lips out but now I found some new favorites that actually combat my dry lip problem. Retail Price: $2.99

That's all for today guys! Thank you for spending some time with me and let me know which of these new products you're most excited about? Check my YouTube channel tomorrow for a new video at 1pm EST. Also, I'm taking a long overdue trip to Lush on Friday to pick up some goodies. Let me know if you guys want a blog haul on what I end up getting?

Love you all!


Rocio Laura

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sexy Curls for a NYC Fashion Show

Happy Monday Beautiful!!!!

I hope everyone started off an amazing new weeks today!!! Today was actually my son's FIRST day of Pre-K!!!!!! I wanted to have this blog and today's video up earlier but I spent a good hour of my "work time" crying after I dropped him off at school... Mommy problems, sigh. Happily, he had a great day and was actually upset when I went to pick him up and bring him back home!! If only he can still feel that way when he reaches High School I'll be one happy mom.

Today I uploaded a new video on a hair tutorial. Yes, a HAIR tutorial!!! I know I do them so rarely but I recently received some new hair tools and they have opened up my eyes to a whole new world of possible styles. I used the 19mm curling wand from the NuMe Titan 3 set. I'll have an in depth blog review on the set later on this week. For now you can check out my tutorial video to hear a mini review on the product as well as a complete step by step of how I achieved the look below. Also, feel free to use the coupon code rocio3 (all lowercase) on any curling wand or flat iron if you want to try out these products and save a bunch of money. <3

The special occasion that called for this new fab hair style was a fashion show that I attended last week as part of NYC Fashion Week. I snagged some VIP tickets to the Uptown Fashion Show in United Palace. Unfortunately, I have to say, the goodie bags SUCKED. There was an umbrella, a bunch of pens, and a couple of shampoo samples - the type you get for free with every online Sephora order. I was disappointed to say the least. After being spoiled by Generation Beauty and Beauty Con's goodie bags I was expecting something a bit more amazing.

The show was cool. There were some collections that just didn't do it for me but for the most part I adored a lot of what came down that runway. Also, I had the added surprise of seeing a familiar face on the runway. One of the girls who I actually watch and love on YouTube, Nathalie, was modeling in the show! I had a bit of a fan girl moment when I saw her, and I have to say she looked beautiful and Worked It! You can see her below in the white gown, as well as a pic of me and my bestie who accompanied me to the show. Be sure to check out Nathalie's channel and sub, I know you guys will love her too!

Please bear with me on the pictures, the girls were flying down the runway and my iPhone was just not snapping quickly enough. I do have a vlog video where you can get a better look at all of the complete collections that were shown that night.

 Overall the collections showcased a lot of classic timeless looks that had an extra sexy factor. I loved! It was a great way to take timeless silhouettes and add a bit more sex appeal. There were also a lot of interesting shapes. Puffs, draping, feathers, peek-a-boo panels, and attention grabbing fabrics were all seen at this show. My only question: Where can I buy these pieces?!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Buxom Bronzed Beauty

Hey Beautiful!!!!

Today I want to share with you some products that I've been trying out over the summer. I have been absolutely loving them to create that bronzed goddess summer time look - which is my favorite look for this season. However, they can also be carried over and transitioned into the coming fall season, which I love.

Let's start with the Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer, probably my favorite of the bunch I'm talking about today. It comes in one shade: Venus which is a sheer shimmering nude and retails for $28 exclusively at Sephora. I like it because it has a slight bronze tint to it. I like to apply it all over my face to give me that all-over glow but it can also be used in specific areas as a highlight.

This stuff IS potent so remember a little goes a long way, less is more, and all those other sayings. I apply it after my moisturizer but BEFORE my foundation. I find that applying it before my foundation - even when I use a full-coverage foundation - gives me just the right amount of 'goddess glow' shinning through. I loved this product all summer long and I will be carrying it into the fall for nights out or special events. Matte is big this upcoming fall season, but personally for special nights I still love my dewy glow.

Next up is the Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer. This comes in two shades: Tahiti which is a golden bronze (the lighter color) and Maldives which is a rustic bronze (the darker color pictured). These also retail for $28 exclusively at Sephora.

I have been using and loving both colors. The lighter one I tend to use for day time and the darker one for night time. They both have very buildable coverage and work as an all over bronzer or for contouring. They also contain coconut oil which hydrates skin - as a dry skinned girl I loved this! The texture of the bronzers is very velvety and almost creamy which allows for a flawless and smooth application. I'm also a huge packaging girl and love any type of bronzer of blush that comes with an imprinted design. These bronzers make me feel that, if I could shrink myself down and walk along the bronzer, I would be walking along glittering smooth sand. Basically, opening these bronzers put me in a happy place, as weird as it sounds.

Finally, I'm sharing with you the Buxom Hold the Line Waterproof Eyeliners. These retail for $17 exclusively at Sephora.

They come in 8 different colors (shown below): 
Call Me (matte black)
I'll Be Waiting (metallic pewter)
Pick Me Up (glittery navy blue)
Doors Unlocked (metallic purple)
Here's My Number (matte dark brown)
Come Over (glittery bronze)
Knock Twice (metallic taupe)
Ring My Bell (matte jade)

 These bad boys are PIGMENTED!! I especially fell in love with them because they are great for on the go. They have a gel like formula which allows for easy glide application and the waterproof formula ensures that it will last all day and night, even on the water line) I have a huge problem applying a pencil eyeliner along my upper lash line, usually I opt for a gel liner and a brush but that's time consuming and it's extra things to carry around. Not to mention the brush, if placed in your purse or makeup bag after application, will get left over gel liner residue all over. I love being able to open up this pencil, go crazy with my cat eye, close the top and keep it movin'. The color selection is also great. For the summer the waterproof formula was a huge plus. Going into the fall season I feel like these colors are perfect for any day or night time fall themed look. They will definitely be transitioning with me into the next season. Below you can see swatches of all the colors.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review!! If you want to see these products in action check out my back to school makeup tutorial below. I did a quick and easy look for you guys that you can recreate for school days, work days or any day really. It's a nice natural look with a subtle pop of color thanks to some purple eyeliner. Let me know your thoughts!

Love you all!!!!

Rocio Laura

Disclaimer: Products sent for review purposes

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