Monday, September 16, 2013

Sexy Curls for a NYC Fashion Show

Happy Monday Beautiful!!!!

I hope everyone started off an amazing new weeks today!!! Today was actually my son's FIRST day of Pre-K!!!!!! I wanted to have this blog and today's video up earlier but I spent a good hour of my "work time" crying after I dropped him off at school... Mommy problems, sigh. Happily, he had a great day and was actually upset when I went to pick him up and bring him back home!! If only he can still feel that way when he reaches High School I'll be one happy mom.

Today I uploaded a new video on a hair tutorial. Yes, a HAIR tutorial!!! I know I do them so rarely but I recently received some new hair tools and they have opened up my eyes to a whole new world of possible styles. I used the 19mm curling wand from the NuMe Titan 3 set. I'll have an in depth blog review on the set later on this week. For now you can check out my tutorial video to hear a mini review on the product as well as a complete step by step of how I achieved the look below. Also, feel free to use the coupon code rocio3 (all lowercase) on any curling wand or flat iron if you want to try out these products and save a bunch of money. <3

The special occasion that called for this new fab hair style was a fashion show that I attended last week as part of NYC Fashion Week. I snagged some VIP tickets to the Uptown Fashion Show in United Palace. Unfortunately, I have to say, the goodie bags SUCKED. There was an umbrella, a bunch of pens, and a couple of shampoo samples - the type you get for free with every online Sephora order. I was disappointed to say the least. After being spoiled by Generation Beauty and Beauty Con's goodie bags I was expecting something a bit more amazing.

The show was cool. There were some collections that just didn't do it for me but for the most part I adored a lot of what came down that runway. Also, I had the added surprise of seeing a familiar face on the runway. One of the girls who I actually watch and love on YouTube, Nathalie, was modeling in the show! I had a bit of a fan girl moment when I saw her, and I have to say she looked beautiful and Worked It! You can see her below in the white gown, as well as a pic of me and my bestie who accompanied me to the show. Be sure to check out Nathalie's channel and sub, I know you guys will love her too!

Please bear with me on the pictures, the girls were flying down the runway and my iPhone was just not snapping quickly enough. I do have a vlog video where you can get a better look at all of the complete collections that were shown that night.

 Overall the collections showcased a lot of classic timeless looks that had an extra sexy factor. I loved! It was a great way to take timeless silhouettes and add a bit more sex appeal. There were also a lot of interesting shapes. Puffs, draping, feathers, peek-a-boo panels, and attention grabbing fabrics were all seen at this show. My only question: Where can I buy these pieces?!

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