Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Snow Queen DIY Crown

Eeeekkkk! This post is extremely late! I had hoped to get it up in conjunction with my snow queen makeup tutorial... but then... life happened. It's too late for Halloween but maybe next year, or for a different event, this will come in handy.

Anyway, I hope you still enjoy this fun DIY and let some of these techniques inspire you to add your own twists to future projects. xoxo

What I used: (pretty much everything was from Michael's unless otherwise stated)
Glue Gun, Bendable Jewelry Wire, A work mat (from Joann's), Sticks and Twigs (from my back yard)

Snowflakes, Beads, Decorative Pipe Cleaners

Start by creating a loop on one side of your wire. Size the wire to your head in the shape of a head band and create a second loop at the other end. (These loops will help us secure the headband on with bobby pins later). DO NOT cut the wire yet! 

Wrap the wire back and forth about 3 times to add some thickness. Cut the end and use pliers to fold and tuck the wire edges so that they don't poke into your head. Ouch!

BEgin to add your twigs and sticks in between the layers of wire. I used a hot glue gun to further secure them in there. Try to look for twigs that have a shape to them, not just straight ones.

On a work surface I glued down some "icicles" and let them dry. They're pretty easy to peel off once they are dried. Add these into your crown as well in the same way we added the sticks. For more dimension add some in front, in between, and behind the wire. This will make it look more 3D and also more realistic.

With the glue gun I placed a layer of glue completely around the wire. This will further help to stick everything into place, seal up any edges so you're not poked, and also give it an overall icy look.

Then I wanted some extra sparkle so I decided to wrap decorative pipe cleaners all the way around the base of my crown.

Next, with some stringed beads I added more decoration. This was a little time consuming because I had to hot glue each bead to the other and create my stack (since they were loose once I took the string off). I then glued the stacks around the crown.

What Snow/Ice Queen is complete without snowflakes??

Finally with some white paint I painted all the high points of the crown, where snow would normally land and stick, to give it an authentic winter wonderland look.

For a better look at the crown be sure to check out my makeup tutorial video below:

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