Monday, December 16, 2013

Rock Your Hair

Hey loves!

Today I'm sharing with you guys a new haircare and styling line I've been using lately. The brand is Rock Your Hair by Michael O'Rourke

I immediately loved how the products were centered around BIG hair! I loveeee big voluminous hair and if something promises me big hair I'm certainly all for it!

The Big Hair Rocks Shampoo and Conditioner smell amazing!!!! Of course that's the very first thing I check for. They are also paraben and sulfate free and do not dry your hair or fade color! It does add some volume to your hair, but if you have super long hair like I do it won't be anything sky high since the weight of your hair will pull down the volume. Overall it gives a great clean hair feeling and the conditioner is super moisturizing.

These next guys help a lot with the volume factor. The size matters Big Volume Root Lift and Get a Lift Volumizing Spray work in a similar manner. Both are sprays that add shine and are anti-frizz plus they give you a big volume boost. I spray it in and then work it into my roots with my fingers. The Rock Your Hair Bombshell Big Hair Powder is probably my favorite product in the line. It applies like a powder but dries clear and adds mega volume, almost like a gel pushing the hair up from the root. It also adds texture and shine.

The last two products I have to show you guys are styling essentials for me. The Spray it Hard Big Volume Hairspray is an excellent long holding hair spray that doesn't leave your hair stiff or sticky at all, which is a huge plus! Great hold and your guy can still run his fingers through your hair.
The Rock your Hair Leave-In Conditioner and Weightless Detangler is absolutely amazing. I can not pass a comb through my hair without using a detangler first and I have to admit this one has replaced my old detangler - which I had been using for years. It's super light weight and NO greasy feeling or greasy look on your hair which is one thing I check for immediately.

If you guys have tried out any products from this line let me know what you thought of it! Also check out my recent Voluminous Holiday Curls Video using my Nume Titan 3 set and these products. Thanks for stopping by today, love you <3

xoxo, Rocio Laura

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