Thursday, February 6, 2014

28 Days of Style: Day 5 - Subtle Details

Hey lovelies!!

Today I'm sharing with you what I wore last night for my Day 5 look. (Yes I skipped over Day 4 because it was a super casual, lounge-at-home-all-day-type-of-day).

Yesterday, although the weather was terrible I had previously made dinner and a movie plans and definitely wanted to keep them. I would usually opt for heels and a nice blouse for something like that but I decided to stick to a more casual and overall warm look. Especially considering our recurring snow storms in NYC the last week or so.

I had to throw in a pop of color via my sneakers. Hey, I'm all for all black everything but it's been a long winter and I do miss wearing bright colors! Also, yesterday was the perfect excuse to try out my new jacket. I love it for it's versatility, although I still haven't figured out all the various ways you can wear it. (I'm going to have to study the 10+ pictures on the website to see my other options) It IS technically a men's jacket but having grown up with 2 older brothers I'm no stranger to wearing boy clothes, and you can't beat the comfort!

When it comes down to it, this outfit for me was all in the subtle details. The netted stripes on the sleeve of the sweater paired with the mesh panels on the leggings and the edgy gold accessories all added visual interest to the look. It was the details that really took a plain all black casual look to the next level. Hope you enjoy this one!

Outfit Deets:

Sweater: Express
Leather and Mesh Leggings: Express
Sneakers: Lebrons
Rings: All from H&M except the rose midi ring is from Daily Look
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Various
Necklace: Aldo

Praying for better weather soon so I can wear some of the new pieces I've been accumulating for Spring. =0]

Until tomorrow,

Rocio Laura xoxo

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