Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 2: Shades of Grey

Hey babes!!

It's Superbowl Sunday and I'm feeling overly unfestive this year. I've completely avoided Superbowl related activities and instead opted for a casual movie date with my little guy. It helped greatly that we finally had amazing weather! It was 50 degrees today and the highlight of my 2014 so far was being able to go out without a jacket today. Oh, the simple joys of life.

Unfortunately I can't always have my regular handy dandy cameraman available so I improvised today and used mirror pics combined with selfies and I also attempted to enlist my sons help. He's not the best photographer but with some practice.... =0]

Outfit Deets:

Basic Long Sleeve: Gap
Sweater: Gap
Scarf: Gift in a Goodie Bag
Purse: JustFab
Printed Jeans: Victoria's Secret
Mocassins: Steve Madden

If you are at a Superbowl party right now I hope you're having an amazing time!! I'll see you beauties tomorrow.

Rocio Laura

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