Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I am a Glam Doll OOTD

Hey Beauties! Today I'm sharing a casual "jeans and T" look with a deeper meaning. A gorgeous fellow YouTuber friend of mine created custom T-shirts with the words Glam Doll on them. The message behind the shirts is truly beautiful to me. Her inspiration for creating the shirt came from women in her life who show confidence and fearlessness when pursuing their dreams. We are all Glam Dolls in our own right and as women I have always believe that we should support and uplift one another. Too many women strive to tear others down in hopes of getting ahead. I'm absolutely sure that we can all get much farther by working together and empowering one another. Thank you Melissa for this adorable T and the message behind it. You've truly inspired me and made my wardrobe all the more cuter! (Check out Melissa's YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/superglamnews and her instagram @melissaflores) Now on to the look... Sometimes we just have casual days where we spend the day running errands, this was one of those days. I wanted to be comfy but also stylish. I started with the basic jeans and T blueprint. I threw in some combat boots for comfort and a rugged "I'm cool without trying" effect and a pair of dark sunglasses to really drive that "cool" message home heehee. Finally I added a cardi because NYC just does not want to give into Spring yet, and a patterned coat for a flair of style as well as warmth.
Outfit Deets:
Jeans: Old Navy
T Shirt: Check out Melissa's social media for more info
Cardigan: Gap
Jacket: Macy's
Boots: Steve Madden
Sunglasses: Retro Super Future

See you with a new post later this week,

Rocio Laura

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