Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fashion Attraction: A Cinematic LookBook Featuring The Dollhouse Factory

Hey Beauties!!!!

You know creativity is my favorite aspect of the entire YouTube process, and you guys enjoyed my previous cinematic lookbook so much, that I just had to do another one!

I'm very happy and excited today to present to you guys my current baby, the project I've been working on for the last few weeks "Fashion Attraction: A Cinematic LookBook". The dresses in this video were provided by The Dollhouse Factory. A huge thank you to them for making this video possible! You can check them out here:

Below you will find a full review of the dresses, lots of photos, and the cinematic video. I'll also provide the specific links for the dresses shown in the video throughout this blog post. Finally, an enormous thank you to my team who is ever patient with me when I enter crazy-work-monster-mode. My gorgeous male model Junior, who is always available to film with me on a moments notice: follow him on instagram @marvelkid87 Also, my amazing director Chris Santos who has the uncanny power of taking my random, confusing explanations and turning it into the exact vision that I had for the video. He also is the muscle behind the editing of these cinematic videos (wish he could edit all my videos!! lol I hate editing!). Follow him on instagram @triplestarpro +TripleStarProductions

Moving on to the good stuff: for all my fashion lovers, I must say I was skeptical at first. I have found that with club/party clothing it can be a great hit or miss. Thankfully this website was a huge hit! The clothing is well made and the fabric is amazing. Many times these skin tight, sexier styles also tend to be on the thinner side - thus leaving you basically naked and see through, thank God for dark lighting in the clubs. The Dollhouse Factory items were all nice THICK fabric and not at all see-through. That was my greatest concern prior to receiving the dresses and I was very happily satisfied when they arrived.

My next concern was structure and seams. I have ordered clothing in the past and received crooked seams or loose strings. All of the dresses were well sown and tightly stitched. The seams were straight and in place. One of the dresses, however, has an altercation with the shoulder strap. It was accidentally turned and stitched that way so that it did not lie flat. A huge concern of mine when shopping online is how companies will deal with problems, should any arise. I was very satisfied with the response from the company. I emailed them about the issue and sent over a photo taken on my iphone to show that the strap was twisted and I had a replacement dress in less than 48 hours at no extra cost or delivery fees. I actually still have the original dress and am considering bringing it to a tailor to be fixed and gifting it to one of my friends for her birthday, (but shhh don't tell her).

The fit of the dresses is also amazing. I ordered a size small in all three styles and they all hug my curves in the right way. Overall I could not be happier with the styles, quality, and make of the items. The customer service was also amazing and prompt - big for me because I have very little patience (I'm working on it....) I'm happy to say I've found a new site to add to my go-to party wear list. Their styles are very sexy but maintain an air of class and the colors and prints will definitely make you the center of attraction at any event you attend, in the best way. Show Stoppers anyone?

The following are the direct links of the dresses shown in the video:
Blue Leopard
Magic Potion
Peacock Swirl

I'm leaving you dolls with the video and a bunch of photos. Let me know what you think of everything, I hope you enjoy it! I had so much fun working on this project for you.

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