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How To Take A Great Selfie + HUGE Neutrogena Giveaway

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Hey Beautiful!!!!!!

Today we will be talking all about SELFIESSSSSSS!!! No, but really, let's talk about selfies! If you follow me on instagram (if you don't, you should lol @barbiebabymua) then you know I love to post selfies. Makeup selfies, facial expression selfies, silly faces with Noel selfies, standing in front of a random NYC location selfies - the selfies syndrome has definitely spiraled to an obsessive direction. I, for one, love it! I find it so much fun to scroll through other people's selfies. Some are funny, some can be inspiring, and others are just plain nice to look at.

As a girly girl and one who is deeply embedded into the beauty community I know that a good selfie takes a lot of work. :insert corny meme about taking 40 pictures in near identical poses and hating every single one of them: It can seriously be a headache. Here are some of my selfie tips and tricks.

How to take a great Selfie:

1. Arm Extension - We all know that a selfie is a solo face shot, but that doesn't mean you need to be so close that the viewer can count the veins in your eyeball. Extending the arm as far out as comfortable will help get a great head shot but also include some chest and shoulders.

2. Camera Angle - Hold the camera a bit above your head and angle it slightly downward. Full frontal photos are good for a change but if you want a more universal, surefire great angle raise your arm and glance your gorgeous eyes upward. This also helps to slim the face and avoids the dreaded double chin look.

3. Lighting - Great lighting is the key to any great photo. The best lighting can even help to blur imperfections naturally and make you look flawless. So learn to find your light before any selfie and you're on the path to happiness =0p

4. Face Angle - This one is really a trial and error tip, but know your angles. Play around with different angles and tilts of the head until you find one you prefer. Most of us also have one side we favor over the other. For me it's my left side because that's the side I have my nose ring on.

5. Location/accessory - This is a fun little extra that can give your selfie that extra oomf. Try to find interesting locations as the backdrop of your selfie or use the opportunity to show off a new accessory (ex. glasses, hair accessory, etc). You can even include a furry friend in your selfie... although that may or may not be considered an usie? Do pets count as usies?

6. Pamper your canvas - One thing that can greatly help your selfies is taking care of your skin! A pimple or unsightly blemish can ruin any great photo, especially one that shows our face so close up as a selfie does. Sometimes, especially during our teen years, we can't always avoid a blemish but with help from Neutrogena we can help prevent them.

The Neutrogena Oil Free Pink Grapefruit line is awesome to help combat against blemishes. As a Latina, I have to admit we come in a huge array of shapes, sizes and colors. Unfortunately, I'm on the extremely light skinned side of the spectrum and although I never had any serious issues with pimples growing up, I do get blackheads... alll.. the... time. I recently learned that blackheads are also a form of acne. 

The products in the pink grapefruit line are no strangers to my bathroom cabinet. I've actually been using the cleanser for about a year and a half... way long before I received the products to test out for this blog post. I especially enjoy the cleanser because it is gentle on my dry skin. Many times acne specific products tend to over-dry even the oiliest of skin types, so just imagine what it does to already dry skin. Since pimples were, thankfully, never a huge problem for me I used to just stick with regular cleansers and periodically try to pop my blackheads. I was happy when I first tried the pink grapefruit facial cleanser because now I finally had an acne treating product that I could use. I continued to use it for so long because it fulfills its claim of treating my acne. I notice my blackheads are way less numerous and also appear less frequently when I use the product regularly. Of course I still get some here and there, wearing makeup and daily environmental dirt and debris is always going to be a factor in the equation but now I have a solution.

Another part of the line is the foaming scrub which I actually just tried recently. It has the same great smell - did I mention the smell <3 - as the cleanser but acts almost as a gentle exfoliant due to the teeny tiny beads inside. It is also great for my skin type as well. If you don't have dry skin don't worry, all the products in the line are oil-free so this will work for my oily girls as well.

The final item in the line are the cleansing wipes. Please don't confuse these with makeup remover wipes. While I do LOVE the product, I've had bad experiences making that mistake in the past. Keep the wipes away from your eye area as it can (and does - personal trial and error) irritate the eyes. However, I adore this for the summer time or for after the gym. I keep them handy in my bag and use them as a refresher (when I'm not wearing makeup of course) to clean my face of any dirt and oil I've accumulated during the day, due to the heat, or because of sweating. This is also a great and simple step to help combat acne if you do have acne prone skin, especially after the gym. Enjoy your hard core workout then wipe down your face before leaving the locker room. It will help to clean out you pores of the immediate sweat until you can get home and shower.

I hope you babes enjoyed this blog post. There is a HUGE giveaway attached to this post as well (entry form below). Neutrogena is giving 3 winners individual consultations with a dermatologist and make-up artist plus a year supply of products valued at $1000. As part of this giveaway I'll be posting a daily selfie on instagram from today through Friday to share my clear skin, my selfie skills, and remind you guys to enter the giveaway. Follow me @barbiebabymua to check those out. I wish you all the best of luck and I'm very happy to be a part of this and be able to bring you another giveaway. This is the 3rd giveaway I am hosting this month and a 4th will go live on my channel this coming weekend. I love being able to find ways to give back to you for all that you do for me, thank you!

Love you always,

Rocio Laura

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