Thursday, January 29, 2015

Poncho Lovin' OOTD

Hey Babies!

I've always had an attachment to all black. It's clean, simple and leaves so much to imagination. The fit of this outfit is also very sleek, even with the poncho on top. I especially love the V shape of the poncho because it helps to accentuate an hourglass figure. The poncho almost acts as an accessory in this look, along with the hat and shoes and, of course, the gold exposed zipper on the pants... yes zippers can flex as accessories in certain situations. Overall, I'm in love. Let me know your thoughts!

By the way, this is the final achieved outfit from 2014. Starting on Tuesday I'll be rolling out some NEW looks shot this past weekend as well as a teaser trailer of my new fashion video coming out February 6th. Hope you enjoy it all!


Outfit Deets:
Hat - H&M
Crop Top - JC Penny
Pants - H&M
Shoes - Steve Madden
Poncho - Ann Taylor

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