Monday, April 27, 2015

Street Stylin' With Andrea

Hello my loves!

Today I want to revisit a topic we spoke about in my last blog post. I previously shared with you guys a company called Andrea where you can become an Estrella Andrea and essentially start your own business through them.

This is actually a concept very near and dear to my heart since I am planning and hosting a success seminar in just under three weeks about just that: being your own boss, becoming an entrepreneur, etc etc. Funny how life works, it throws you little coincidences and alignments just at the right time.

Working with Andrea gives you a chance to get your feet wet in the realm of being self-employed, yet still offers you the support of having a physical company there to guide you - and provide the product which is huge. They have a heavy focus on shoes but also have other accessories available. For all of the specific details, including the exact pay out percentage (which is super competitive for the market) and all the bonus opportunities to make more money, check out my last post by clicking here.

To find out more info and sign up to be an Estrella Andrea and start being your own boss go here

For today, I want to focus more on fashion. I am already completely in love with the concept of the company but let's take a look at how the product actually holds up. I selected a gorgeous pair of classic pumps in a grey patent leather material. I love the elegance and simplicity of the shoe, especially the fact that you can play it up or down. Add to that, I wore them comfortably through the concrete jungles of NYC - a huge plus.

For this look I went for a street style vibe - surprise, surprise. Pairing street style with a feminine touch, weather it be in an article of clothing or by throwing on a pair of sexy heel like these, is my absolute favorite way to rock the style. The grey color is the perfect shade to transition easily between light and dark items. Here I used it to tie in the white washed jeans with the black top. The fact that the top is also sheer helps to make the look work. A messy bun and natural makeup keep the look casual, which a simple clutch mimics the femininity that the heels offer. Overall it's a well balanced look, all inspired by one pair of shoes.

This is compensated collaboration between ANDREA and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


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