Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How I Blow Dry My Hair | Smooth & Sleek Hair with Remington Thermaluxe

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Remington®. The opinions and texts are all mine.

Hey Beauties!

The holiday season is in full swing and life, on my end, has taken some insane, busy, and very unexpected turns! Not only am I trying to enjoy the holidays, holiday shop, cook, bake, decorate, and all the usual hustle and bustle, I've also gotten an amazing opportunity to jump back into my career. Working on my career full-time, doing YouTube/blogging part-time, being a full-time mother and just enjoying every second of life is TIME CONSUMING to say the least! The hardest part? Looking well put together through it all.

My hair is naturally very curly and frizzy, which is not the most presentable look. I like to keep it smooth and sleek so that I can look more put together and just overall more neat, especially for work. For years I used a flat iron because it was just the quickest alternative for me. However, the direct heat and damage caused by my flat iron is definitely showing up after so much time of constant straightening. I had a problem. I needed to find a quick but healthier way to straighten my hair, that would preferably last a long time.

I had the awesome opportunity to partner up with Remington and test out their Thermaluxe™ line of hair tools. As part of the partnership I was asked to purchase the Thermaluxe Dryer and any other item of my choice in the Thermaluxe line. When I saw that the blow dryer was required my first instinct was, "Do I reallllyyyy want to work on this collaboration?!" You see, I avoid blow drying my hair like the plague! My arms always get so heavy and tired and it seems to take me forever to get one strand of hair dry. I always hated blow drying my own hair!

I did my research and red up on the brand and their claims and finally decided to give it a try. After all, if it worked it would be such a help for me when getting ready in the morning! The dryer claimed to dry your hair up to 50% faster AND with less heat damage. I was definitely excited to try it out. I ran right over to Target to pick up the Thermaluxe Blow Dryer as well as the Thermaluxe Slim Wand.

Target is always my go-to and I found the entire line easily in the hair appliance aisle within the beauty department. Beside the dryer I was asked to pick 1 of 5 products from the Remington Thermaluxe line. These included: Thermaluxe Setter, Thermaluxe Slim 1" Straightener, Thermaluxe Wide 2" Straightener, Thermaluxe Slim Wand, and Thermaluxe Wide Wand. I decided to go with one of their curling wands. I liked the slim option better for tighter curls. Tighter curls also last longer on my hair.

I particularly loved this wand because it's set up in a way where the base of the wand delivers a higher heat than the tip. This actually results in more volume toward the root and curls that last even longer. I loved the way my hair came out with the wand.

Now for the dryer.... I knew I had to test it out as part of the partnership, but boy was I dreading it. My arms felt heavy just thinking about blow drying my own hair. I actually decided to set up shop, so to say, and go ahead and film the process for you guys. I'll let you watch that video below before I continue...

As you saw, I was super happy with the results. This is hands down my favorite blow dryer of all the ones I've ever tried. It is also, by the way, the first time I actually stuck with blow drying my entire head. I'm sad to say in the past I was always a quitter. I would do a few sections and get so annoyed I would just finish with a flat iron.

The Remington Thermaluxe Dryer definitely delivers on its claim of half the drying time! I had just-out-of-the-shower-towel-dried-hair and still was able to successfully blow dry it perfectly smooth in a short amount of time. I finished blow drying my hair BEFORE my arms started to give out on me, very proud I must say heehee. The trick I showed you guys in the video helped me a lot too. I free-hand dried my hair first before starting to smooth it dry with a round brush. Even so, I only had to do very minimal rounds of free-hand drying before my hair was about 75% dry. From there I used the classic round brush technique and only needed 2-3 passes through with each section- depending on how thick I parted my sections.

The best part of it all, the style stayed smooth and sleek for 3 work days. On the third day I did use a bit of dry shampoo in the morning on the front portion of my hair - that's where I tend to get oily by day 3. However, the style held and I was able to hold off washing until after work on Day 3. Not only is the blow dryer itself healthier for my hair, but being able to extend the time between my washes is also a huge plus. (AND a huge time saver during the work week!) My hair looked extra shiny and luxurious and I felt confident.

For more info you can check out the Thermaluxe line by clicking [HERE] or check them out on social @remingtonready #thermaluxe

To check out the full talk-through tutorial video with step by step instructions of how I blow dry my hair using the Remington Thermaluxe Dryer click [HERE] to be redirected to my YouTube channel. (video will open in a new window)

Happy Stylin' Babies!

Rocio Laura


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