Monday, January 16, 2017

Confetti FULL New Year! | January Sticker Addict Box

Hey Babies!!!

On this snowy NYC Saturday I'm sending all of my warmest thoughts and vibes out to you guys!!

Today I'm sharing the images from my January Sticker Addict and my impression of the stickers that I've used so far. The one thing I MUST say is that all of the designs were SUPERRRR cute!!!!

Also, if you guys would like to see the January Planner Addict Box, I shared it in my recent Target Dollar Spot Haul video. You can watch that Here ->

To check out the Planner or Sticker Addict Boxes for yourself click -> HERE

Okay Babes! On to the stickerssssss...

Santa is definitely ready to party his way through 2017!!!!!

Here is a shot of the packaging, info card and sticker kits that came in this months box.

The first sticker kit I'm sharing is from the shop ANC Stickers. This kit is named Confetti Pop and it's absolutely perfect for the month of January. I've already used it in my weekly spread for the second week of the month. The stickers are a matte finish but super vibrant and colorful. Just looking at the colors makes me smile! I also really liked the deco pieces, especially the wine glasses of course. The fashion doll styled deco and full box stickers are adorbs and there was just the right mix of deco and functional stickers to fill an entire weekly spread.

@ancstickers WEBSITE

Next up is a kit from Hello Simple Paper and called "Party Animal". These are a glossy finish which is a super nice bonus. I don't really get many glossy style stickers so I was really excited to see a kit included in this months box. The animal theme and color scheme is not super New Year-sy but I like the idea of mixing up weekly spreads. However, I'm slightly tempted to actually save this kit to use during the spring time. It's got A BUNCH of deco and full box stickers but not as many functional stickers. I think this will be great for a week that's not so busy so I can make use of the space for more decorative aspects. I haven't used the kit yet but I tested out writing on the edges around the stickers and a regular ball point pen writes fine.

@hellosimplepaper WEBSITE

This next kit is from A Paperella Story and named "Pop Fizz Clink". Unfortunately this kit lacks full boxes but the color combo is just my style. It also went well with another kit in the box (the last one on this blog post) so I was able to mix in some of these stickers with the other kit. I don't think I'll be using this one on it's own for a spread because of the lack of full boxes but I can definitely incorporate more of these stickers into a spread using another kit or stickers from my MAMBI books. The New Years specific ones I'm going to save for my scrapbook. Since this is a color scheme I really enjoy and use frequently, I know I won't have a problem putting this kit to use.

@apaperellastory WEBSITE

The last kit I instantly fell in love with! This one is from Planning In Mint and called "New Years Glam". I loved the color scheme and the deco pieces. I couldn't wait to use it so I planned my first weekly spread of 2017 with this kit. Unfortunately I wasn't thrilled with the result. The colors were a bit lighter than I usually use, but that wasn't the problem. It was nice to switch things up and start the year with a softer more pastel color palette. However, about 5 minutes after I placed my stickers the edges of about 80% of them started to come up. The only ones that didn't pop up along the edges were the full box stickers. All of the other ones (even half boxes!) just weren't very sticky. I found my self continuously pressing down the edges throughout the week for fear of losing stickers. I absolutely loved the way the spread looked but the quality of the stickiness just was not great.

@Planning In Mint WEBSITE

Okay my loves, that's all for today's post. I hope my insight and impressions can help you guys on your sticker shopping. Overall, I think both the planner and sticker addict boxes are a great deal for those of us who love our planners and other crafts. I definitely get my money's worth and good use out of everything - and I know I say this all the time lol but it's so true.

Until Next Time!

Rocio Laura 


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