Monday, February 6, 2017

Who Doesn't Love FREE Stuff?!

Hey My Babiessssss!!!

Happy Monday! Today has been an uber productive day on my end. I've been knocking things off my to-do list left and right. Such! An! Amazing! Feeling!

I definitely wanted to optimize on this natural high and dedicate some time to my blog today. I've been wanting to get this post up for about a week now and share some new goodies with you guys.

I shared a video with you guys some time ago about a company called Pinch Me that offers the opportunity to get a box full of absolutely FREE stuff! Yes, FREE, no strings attached, no hidden anything. I'll leave the video below if you missed it, but essentially you sign up and become a "pincher". From there you can fill out a couple of quizzes to complete your profile and get matched up with free items from a large array of different brands that you already know and love. This is a great opportunity to try out new products from some amazing brands.

I especially like the box because it's not your classic 'beauty box'. As I - slowly - try to move towards a more minimalistic lifestyle I find that I don't necessarily need 57 shades of nude lipstick and such. Pinch Me offers things that fit into whatever lifestyle you live. It matches you with items you will definitely get use out of. Today I want to share some unboxing pics of what was included in the latest "Sample Tuesday" box.

Sign up for your FREE PINCHme sample box here:

I don't know about you but I always have a first aid kit in my car and one in the house. I found the cutest first aid cases at Target a while back and got like 3 of them. I have them filled with all the essentials for me and my family. My kits definitely include benadryl since I'm super allergic to bug bites and other things that my family tends to need so I keep on hand. I was super excited to see this in the box and immediately added it to my car first aid kit. Having a little one, it's always important to plan ahead. Children can dehydrate quickly, especially when they're sick or have a fever. This is the perfect quick solution until you can get yourself to a store and buy them some pedialyte or such. As an adult, and an avid raver, this is also a great thing to have handy for hot summer days spent dancing under the sun.

Just because I don't necessarily NEED more beauty items, that doesn't mean I don't love them. #girlproblems I like that the beauty items go beyond just makeup to include skin and body care as well. I also love the sample sizes because they are great for travel!

Here's where I got super excited!! Home cleaning items!!! Hoorah!!! Me mom and I were literally fighting over these two goodies when the box first arrived, We've been using the dish cloth everyday and loving how durable it is and how easily it scrapes off any residue. Since we don't own a dishwasher I can especially appreciate items that help make washing dishes easier, without having to pour 80% of my strength into vigorous scrubbing.

See those bumps ... Those bumps are awesome! :)

Here's my previous video in case you guys missed it:

Alright love bugs, I hope you've enjoyed this quick little post. I'm off to keep pouring through my to-do list. On that list for tonight is to map out my future blog post ideas for February, so stay tuned for that!

Rocio Laura


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