Monday, May 22, 2017

My Magical Palm Springs Adventure | Desert Chic | Vacation OOTW

Hey Beautiful!

I finally sat down and imported all of the pictures from Palm Spring and I fell in love! I'm so excited to share some of the images with you guys today!

I was in Palm Springs, California earlier this month attending ClamourCon. I had an absolutely amazing time and learned SO MUCH! This was by far one of the best YouTube related conferences I have been to so far. Not to mention .... Palm Springs, in general, is just absolutely magical!!!! I felt like a fairy princess fluttering around in a beautiful dream.

The first night we arrived there was an awesome welcome reception. I wanted to wear something elegant yet comfortable at the same time. I also wanted something with that resort-life vacation type of feel. I opted for the perfect light blue pinstriped 2 piece set from the Tobi website. The color and pattern screamed sophisticated vacationer to me but the cut of the top is still young and fun. The structure in the pants and high waisted cut give a well put together look, while the fabric is soft for a comfortable feel.

I paired it with heels for the photos, and even climbed up the side of the building to get some good shots for you guys. BUT, for the actual reception I switched into sandals as you'll see in the last pic lol.

Jessica Simpson Heels
Aldo Sandals

The entire week was jam packed with events, activities, workshops, seminars, panels, just lots and lots of cool stuff!!! Here's a look at the romper I wore for the workshops one day. I've been really diggin' this denim blue color lately, can't you tell?

Tobi Romper
American Eagle Sandals

At the end of the ClamourCon event my photographer and I rented a convertible to drive from Palm Springs over to Los Angeles for the weekend. However, we Could Not leave Palm Springs without first stopping by Joshua Tree National Park. Here are some shots my outfit. I did wear heels for these pictures but took them off after because cute or not, walking around the desert in heels is not fun. I wanted a very boho chic feel for this look. The bodysuit creates a nice shape and the lace, color and flow of the skirt gives a very romantic feel. I think the floral pattern on the bodysuit also mirrors the romantic look so it was the perfect pairing to me. The hat and block heels felt like the finishing touches for a desert babe feel.

By the way, we rented a convertible specifically for this shot, and totally forgot to drop the top for the pictures! Total fail lol.

Aeropastale Bodysuit
Tobi Shorts
Simmi Shoes Similar
AMIClubWear Hat

 Now, I've always been a city girl, so having the chance to be in such a beautiful far-from-city-like-as-possible environment I definitely wanted to maximize on the photo opps. I did a quick outfit change into something less desert babe and more of a desert wildflower vibe. I paired a plain ribbed bodysuit with an :ahem ahem: light denim blue skirt. I love the waist band of the skirt especially. I added my flow child cat ears headband and was suddenly very disappointed in myself for having missed Coachella this year. On my feet, as is the case 95% of my life, I have my beloved skippies on. These shoes have been with me through many amazing moments so a mini hike through desert just had to be added to the list.

We hiked further in looking for the perfect set of rocks to shoot in front of, and trying to avoid scorpions and such. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Joshua Tree National Park then please walk into one of the hiking trails, even if you don't want to go far in. Walk in a bit, stand still, close your eyes and take a deep breathe. Listen to the Absolute Nothing and Silence that is. A bird may fly by here and there, a fly buzz by too close, and all these beautiful moments of complete quiet in between. It is the most absolute silence I've ever experienced and the most refreshing feeling ever. Seriously life changing. Here is my final look:

Plain Ribbed Bodysuit
Ked's Shoes

I hope you guys have enjoyed this mini travel photo diary post. It's amazing how we can share moments and experiences in so many ways, even through our outfit choices. I had fun styling these looks and being able to share some of the beautiful moments I experienced in Palm Springs with all of you!

I love you guys!

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